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Tamiya Ford F350 Pickup Truck

Tamiya RC Ford F350 Pickup Truck

Summary: Tamiya made one of the most realistic rc model of teh American Ford F-350 pick-up truck. Ladder frame chassis, 3-speed gearbox, 4WD, leaf springs, front guard, aluminum friction dampers, roll bar lights, fog lights, metal-plated wheels, injection molded resin body and more.

You will need to buy separately a 4-channel radio control system, 6-cell stick pack battery, charger and paint.

Scale: 1/10th Scale RC Truck

Motor: Mabuchi / Johnson 540 stock

Transmission: 3-speed manual transmission and 4WD

Body: Ford F-350 Pickup Truck

Est. Top Speed: 15 mph 

Est. Sale Price: $399

Where to Buy: R/C Trucks for Sale from these online stores.

Here is the Tamiya rc parts for the Ford F-350 remote controlled pickup truck. Resin body, rubber tires, chrome rims... looks more like a scale model than an r/c truck. Great realism, a modellers dream machine.

Tamiya R/C Parts - Ford F-350

See large photo below for a better view of the chassis. Not only does the body look real, so does the chassis. Front guard, leaf spring, 4wheel steering, 94mm diameter tires, access hinges and more. 

Tamiya RC Chassis - Ford F350

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Buy today and start your scale rc adventures. Go rock crawling, trail hiking, mud driving or just run up and down your lawn or garage.

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