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1/5 CEN Matrix 5 SC Gas RC Truck

Truck RC Gas Cen Matrix 5 SC

Summary: The 1/5 CEN Matrix 5 SC is one of the cheapest gasoline powered rc truck you can buy. I4wd and powered by a 30cc gas engine. Big bore oil filled shocks, adjustable camber and toe in. Fully assembled and ready to run. Lots of fun at a cheap price (for its class).

Scale: 1/5 Gas RC Truck

Motor: CEN 30cc

Transmission: 4WD

Body: CEN Short Course

Est. Top Speed:  27.8 mph 

Est. Sale Price: $ 899

Where to Buy: R/C Trucks for Sale from these online stores.

1/15 Cen Matrix 5 SC Product and Action Video

1/5 CEN Matrix 5 SC Review

Here is a review from Xtreme RC Cars magazine.

Instructions: 4/10

Parts/Quality: 7.5/10

Durability: 9/10

Tunability: 8/10

Overall Performance: 8/10

Value: 8/10

"Long runtime with pump gas, full time 4wd, durability and scale looks."

"Tires hit body and rub, instructions are very limited, radio gear, pipe melts body."

"This truck is cool and really captures the whole Short Course craze in a big package. I like the scale looks, and its handling traits were pretty impressive."

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